The Department of Planning and Zoning oversees the administration of zoning for 22 of the County’s municipalities under the Luzerne County Zoning Ordinance. For these municipalities, the Department is the Zoning Officer and is charged with the general administration and enforcement of all zoning issues relating to permitting of uses and new development.

James Weber is designated as the Department's Zoning Officer for these 22 municipalities. Mr. Weber can be reached at 570-825-1589 or email James Weber to:

  • Obtain a zoning permit
  • Obtain a certificate of occupancy
  • Assist in submitting a zoning application for a Variance public hearing before the Zoning Hearing Board
  • File an Appeal to a Decision of the Zoning Officer to the Zoning Hearing Board 
  • Request a re-zoning for a subject property, or
  • Ask zoning related questions

Flood Plain Management

The Department administers flood plain management through Article 13 of the County Zoning Ordinance. Please contact James Weber with questions regarding flood plains potentially located on your property.