The Department of Planning and Zoning oversees the administration of zoning for 20 of the County’s municipalities under the 2021 Luzerne County Zoning Ordinance. Pursuant to State and County law, Executive Director Matthew C. Jones, AICP, has been designated as the Zoning Officer for these municipalities. Mr. Jones is charged with the general administration and enforcement of all zoning issues relating to permitting of uses and new development in consultation with Department staff.

The following individuals serve as zoning staff for these 20 municipalities and may be contacted for help with the services listed below:

> Priscilla Cuevas 570-825-1589 

> Robert Kenney 570-825-1567

  • Obtain a Zoning Permit
  • Obtain a Certificate of Zoning Compliance
  • Assist in submitting an application for a Special Exception or Variance request before the Zoning Hearing Board
  • File an Appeal to a Decision of the Zoning Officer to the Zoning Hearing Board 
  • Request a Re-Zoning for a property, or
  • Ask zoning-related questions

2023 Zoning Map

The Luzerne County Zoning Map has been updated to reflect conditions existing as of March 15, 2023:

2023 Luzerne County Zoning Map

The map is subject to further updates which may occur due to subsequent re-zonings through ordinance amendment.  To verify the zoning of any parcel under County jurisdiction, inquirers must call Robert Kenney at 570-825-1567 or Priscilla Cuevas at 570-825-1589.

The 2023 Zoning Map corresponds to the Luzerne County Zoning Ordinance and Schedule of Fees currently in effect since March 24, 2021: 

2021 Luzerne County Zoning Ordinance

2021 Luzerne County Zoning Schedule of Fees

Floodplain Management

The Department administers floodplain management through the County zoning ordinance. Persons may contact Priscilla Cuevas at 570-825-1589 or Robert Kenney 570-825-1567 with questions regarding floodplains potentially located on your property. Floodplain maps may also be viewed by appointment in the Department office during normal business hours.