Subdivision & Land Development (SALDO)

The Department of Planning and Zoning oversees the administration of Subdivision and Land Development for 28 County Municipalities under the County Subdivision and Land Development Ordinance (PDF). Land development and major subdivision applications are processed by Patrick Dooley, and submitted to the Luzerne County Planning Commission for consideration and approval or denial. The Department and the County Engineer or a third party engineer provide comments and list requirements to be fulfilled for approval of the plans. 

Advisory Subdivision/Land Development Plan Reviews under Act 247

The Department also reviews subdivision and land development plans under review by the other 48 municipalities which have adopted their own Subdivision and Land Development Ordinance. Review comments are provided within 30 days of the submission date by Department staff. 

Land Use Letter

The Department will provide a Land Use Letter required by the Commonwealth for Component 4B of an Act 537 Sewage Planning Module or DEP (Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection) county land use letter to confirm that the land development plans are generally consistent with the County Comprehensive Plan. Requests, plans and forms should be addressed to Heath Eddy at the Department’s mailing address along with the requisite fee.

More Information

Patrick Dooley can be reached at 570-825-1565, or email Patrick Dooley to answer questions, provide application forms, or offer guidance regarding subdivisions and land development review.

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