Municipal Services

Luzerne County adopted a Comprehensive Plan, a Stormwater Management Plan and Ordinance in 2010, and a Hazard Mitigation Plan most recently in 2014. The administration of these plans is the responsibility of the Department of Planning and Zoning, and all of the County’s 76 municipalities are under the umbrella of these plans. 

However, each municipality may adopt its own Comprehensive Plan, provided they are generally consistent with the provisions of the County Comprehensive Plan. Each municipality should have a Stormwater Management Ordinance that is generally consistent with the recommendations of the County's Stormwater Management Plan. Finally, municipalities are required to adopt by ordinance the County Hazard Mitigation Plan in order to be qualified for Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) assistance available in response to flood, weather events, or man-made disaster.


To assist municipalities in acquiring funding from grants, this department provides confirmation that a municipality’s plans for which it is seeking a grant for municipal improvements to its facilities, equipment, parks, trails, recreational facilities, roads, sidewalks and bridge improvements conform with the Bi-County Comprehensive Plan and other applicable plans. When requested, the Department may provide a letter in support of a grant application. The municipality’s authorized individual or representative should forward their requests along with a description of the plans to the Executive Director, Matthew C. Jones, AICP.


Municipalities are required to submit any proposed Zoning Ordinance, Subdivision and Land Development Ordinance, or amendments of either to the Department for review and comment prior to consideration in a public hearing, in compliance with Act 247, the Municipalities Planning Code. Submissions should be made to the Executive Director, Matthew C. Jones, AICP, by mail, along with a fee to Luzerne County for $80.