Victim Impact Statement (VIS)

What is a Victim Impact Statement?

A Victim Impact Statement (VIS) is either a written or oral statement made to the sentencing judge by the victim of a crime. It allows the victim to provide the judge a clear understanding of how that criminal act has impacted the victim’s life. It allows the victim to show the pain, anguish and financial devastation the crime may have caused. The judge may use this statement in determining what sentence is appropriate for the offender.

Preparing & Utilizing a VIS

Victim Impact Statement Form (PDF)

A Victim / Witness Coordinator is always available to assist victims in the preparation of a VIS. To speak to a Coordinator who can walk you through the process, please call 570-825-1674.

The offender and his / her attorney will also have an opportunity to read your VIS or will hear you testify, if you chose to do so. Any financial restitution that the defendant is ordered to make will be determined from the information you supply on the VIS Form (PDF).

The VIS may also be read by parole officials prior to making a decision of the eventual release of the offender. Your address, telephone number, or any other identifying information are not to be included on any documents to which the offender has access.