***The Free GIS Portal is currently back up and running. The Subscription GIS Portal is still unavailable and will be for some time. If you are a subscriber please contact the GIS Department for additional information. Thank you for your patience and understanding.***

The Subscription GIS Portal is now available for use (see Services in the GIS/Mapping Fee Schedule for cost details). Please click the link below or on the navigation bar to the left (GIS/Mapping Portals) for access to additional mapping information. 

The Free GIS Portal will still be available. 

Department Mission:

The GIS/Mapping Department’s mission is to provide professional enterprise Geographic Information Services to both the general public and numerous internal customers.


  • To increase efficiencies and effectiveness of all spatial data usage.
  • Improve the business effectiveness of other County offices that utilize GIS.
  • Continue the enterprise-based and business-driven development of LuzerneCountyGIS efforts.
  • Continue to be a regional resource of GIS data and expertise.

Responsibilities of the GIS/Mapping Department include:

  • Review and process all recorded legal instruments related to property
  • Provide GIS & Mapping services to the both the public and County offices
  • GIS Enterprise Database Management
  • Custom GIS analyses
  • Oversee the quality control & quality assurance of all CountyGIS data layers
  • Provide public safety related services (EMA & E911)
  • Provide hardcopy & enhanced digital data products

Free Online GIS Portal

Free Online GIS Portal

Subscription GIS Portal

Subscription GIS Portal