PATTS System

The Bureau of Occupational & Industrial Safety/Pennsafe Program is the state repository for Tier II reports filed by the owners and/or operators of Pennsylvania facilities. Under federal and state law, the county Local Emergency Planning Commission (LEPC) and the responding local fire department(s) also must receive a copy of the Tier II. The Tier II form as filed annually provides state and local officials and emergency responders with specific information on hazardous chemicals present at a facility during the prior calendar year. Pennsylvania Tier II reports are filed online using the Pennsylvania Tier II System (PATTS). A Tier II submission via any other online or electronic reporting program does not meet the reporting obligations in Pennsylvania.    Because online Tier II information is immediately available for emergency responders, facilities within the Commonwealth are strongly encouraged to submit their Tier II reports using PATTS. PATTS requires a secure user ID and password for a facility representative to access the program. Tier II data as provided by facilities for prior years was converted into the PATTS system, enabling a facility submitter to access the complete Tier II reporting and billing history. In addition, the current data and attachments are rolled forward into the next year to make reporting faster and easier. PATTS accommodates annual, initial and revision reporting online. Revision reports are necessary when a facility needs to amend a prior annual report submission. 

Pennsylvania's Five Day Initial Chemical Reporting Rule 

In addition to the annual reporting, Pennsylvania facilities are required to report the presence of a new hazardous material within 5 business days after the hazardous material is first present at the facility. Accordingly, facilities must submit a Tier II reporting form, MSDS and an updated site plan to the state, as well as to their LEPC and responding local fire department(s), if they bring onsite any new hazardous material meeting the established threshold requirements that had not been reported during the previous calendar year. Hazardous materials reported under this requirement must be reported again at the time of the annual filing with the fee payment required on or before March 1st of the following calendar year.

Questions on Pennsylvania reporting requirements may be directed to the Bureau of Occupational & Industrial Safety/Pennsafe Program:

Phone: (717) 783-2071, Option 0

Fax: (717) 783-5099

Email: or

Approved facility users can access and print the PATTS User Manual from the PATTS resource page in the application.

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