EMA for Municipalities

The Local Emergency Management Coordinator

Title 35 requires all political subdivisions to appoint an Emergency Management Coordinator (EMC) to oversee planning, training, and preparation during non-disaster times, and to act as the coordinator in the Emergency Operations Center (EOC) during times of disasters. The EMC is the primary agent for the elected officials and is invaluable when disaster strikes.

The municipal EMC is recommended by the executive officer or governing body of the municipality and appointed by the Governor. The ideal candidate to act as the municipal EMC has the following characteristics:

  • Be a leader
  • Have the respect of the emergency response groups in the community
  • Be capable of rallying all community resources
  • Have planning and training abilities
  • Possesses administrative abilities

Check out the nomination form (DOC).

Appointment of Municipal Emergency Management Coordinators

  • The executive officer or governing body identifies a candidate for the position. We recommend an interview with the candidate and a discussion between the elected officials and the candidate about the expectations and responsibilities of an EMC within your municipality.
  • Complete the Request for Appointment of Municipal Emergency Management Coordinator form (DOC).
  • Complete the Criminal History Check on the candidate.
  • Forward the completed form and result of the criminal history to:
    Luzerne County Emergency Management Agency
    185 Water Street
    Wilkes-Barre, PA 18702
  • We will forward the request to the Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency (PEMA), the Governor will appoint the candidate, and send correspondence back indicating the appointment.

Certification Program

The purpose of the certification and training program is to prescribe the training required to develop competency in individuals serving as county and local emergency management coordinators and staff. The content of the certification program has been reviewed by a panel of local, county, regional and state-level emergency management personnel. Authority for this program can be found in Title 35, subsection 7502. The Agency has consolidated this information plus detailed information on the various levels of certification including corresponding time-in-service requirements into a Directive. View the most current version of the Directive (PDF).

In addition to the Directive, checklists for the various levels of government and levels of certification have been created to help the applicant document the required training and experience. Specific instructions on completing the checklists, time-in-service requirements, and appointment letters are contained in the Directive. View the various checklists that may be downloaded: