Engineering Department Services

  • Develop and manage a capital plan that effectively and efficiently addresses county needs
  • Oversee the maintenance of County roads, bridges and recreational areas
  • Subdivision and land development review
  • Technical review for County projects
  • Administrative aspects and contract administration for County projects
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  • Administer the requirements if the County’s capital investment plan
  • Serve as the County’s technical advisory support for its Emergency Response Team
  • Administer the County’s public / private partnership with the fixed based operator for the Wilkes-Barre / Wyoming Valley Airport including general oversight of the operation of the airport
  • Maintain the County fleet including the administration of equipment service and fuel procurement/dispensation
  • Maintain all real property owned or occupied by the County
  • Maintain County administrative buildings and grounds
  • Supervise the parking lots, including assignment of spaces and enforcing of regulations