Clerk of Courts

**Clerk of Courts COVID Restriction Procedures**

Filings will be accepted by mail, Pacfile, or use the drop box located at the doorway to the Office.  Return postage paid envelope must be provided. Emergency Petitions/Filings will be accepted at the counter. Bail posting will be by appointment during normal business hours.

  Please call 570-825-1585 and Press 1.

Effective January 1, 2021, the Clerk of Courts fees will be increased. See the new updated fee schedule.

The Clerk of Courts is the filing office for all Criminal, Juvenile, and Dependency (Children and Youth involvement) court cases.

Accepts and processes Summary Appeals from Magistrate decisions in Traffic and Non-Traffic cases.

Accepts and processes Expungements and Limited Access for Criminal and Summary court cases.

Photo courtesy of S. Iorio

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