Address Information

Physical Location is Our Number 1 Priority!

We know you need help and want to get responders to you as quickly as possible. So please provide us with the physical location of the incident.

The physical location is not always the same as the mailing address. For example: You may have a mailing address of 123 Main Street in Mountaintop. However, the physical address is 123 Main Street in Fairview Township.

We require the following information to assist you:

  • House Number or Apartment Number (Business Name If Applicable)
  • Street Name
  • Municipality (Name Of Town)
Address Statement
Address Examples

Rural Location

If you live in a rural location, please provide the call-taker with directions from the nearest main road to your house. If the emergency is not occurring in an addressable location (such as an interstate) please give us the best location description as possible by including landmarks and / or mile-markers.

Also, if your physical address differs from your mailing address, it is a good idea to write it down and post it near your telephone(s). This will help to provide the 911 communicator with the correct address.

Nature of the Incident

Tell us exactly what is happening. For example, if someone is having chest pains, or there is a motor vehicle accident, etc. Give us the basic description and include important details, for example, if you are reporting a fight tell us if someone has a weapon. If someone has fallen, tell us approximately how far he or she may have fallen. As long as you give us the location and the basic incident details, we can begin to dispatch the units to that location.

Don't Hang Up - We Aren't Done With You!

Please stay on the line with the telecommunicator until he or she instructs you to hang up! We still need your:

  • Name
  • Telephone Number (of where you are calling from or can be reached)
  • Address (if it's the same as the incident location tell us it's the same)