NEPA Trauma Alliance

Northeast Pennsylvania Trauma Alliance is a regional Trauma Coalition made up of stakeholders from multiple systems including, but not limited to: Human Services, Mental Health, Drug & Alcohol, Education / Higher Education, Law Enforcement, Physical Health, the Faith Community and more.  This Trauma Coalition has emerged from the Luzerne-Wyoming Counties Mental Health and Developmental Services, System of Care Initiative.

The NEPA Trauma Alliance is committed to raising awareness around trauma, its impact on individuals, and what can be done to support trauma-impacted individuals.

The NEPA Trauma Alliance is committed to offering free training, along with free resources and supports to those who are trained to create more trauma-sensitive environments.

The NEPA Trauma Alliance is exploring practices to prevent trauma and trauma’s impact in our community.

What is Trauma?

Lakeside Global Institute uses the following as a description:

    An overriding emotional event involving deep distress, alarm, fear or terror
    A “Neuro-electrical jolt”
    The event may be perceived as inescapable
    Sustained, toxic stress
    Powerful sensory memories are created which lead to a change in the neurological landscape through: Fight, Flight, Freeze, Submit or Capitulation

For more information on how to become a Coalition partner or to learn about trauma trainings, services or supports, please contact: 

Joe Kloss, System of Care Project Director, (570)408-1332

All Future Trauma Trainings can conveniently be found here:
NEPA Trauma Alliance - Upcoming Events (