Grant Letters of Consistency

Requests for letters from the Planning & Zoning Department confirming whether a proposed project is "Generally Consistent" with the County comprehensive plan and/ or zoning ordinance should be sent to Robert Kenney.  These include requests for the County planning agency to confirm whether newly-proposed facility or infrastructure projects applying for State grants or loans are Generally Consistent with the County comprehensive plan and/ or zoning ordinance.

Your request should include a project narrative and sketch of any newly-proposed buildings, facilities, infrastructure, or uses applying for State financial assistance.  Call with any questions.

*According to State law, agencies may "give priority consideration to applications for financial or technical assistance for projects consistent with the county... [comprehensive] plan."  Commonwealth agencies may also "rely upon... zoning ordinances when reviewing applications for the funding or permitting of infrastructure or facilities."

The 2021 Lackawanna-Luzerne Counties Comprehensive Plan applies to all of Luzerne County.

As of Aug. 3, 2022- The Luzerne County Department of Planning & Zoning administers zoning for 20 of the 76 municipalities within Luzerne County.  For these 20 communities, the Consistency and compliance of projects with the County's zoning ordinance is confirmed by the Zoning Officer, Matthew Jones, in consultation with the zoning staff.  

Where applicable- Projects proposed on private lands may be checked for Consistency/compliance with County zoning regulations, including building yard-space set-back areas; impervious surfacing building coverage limits; and whether any newly-proposed uses may be permitted by right.

Though e-mail is quickest and preferable- Requests for letters of consistency may also be mailed to:

Attn:  Robert Kenney

Luzerne County Dept.

of Planning & Zoning

20 N. Pennsylvania Ave.

Wilkes-Barre, PA 18711

*Notes on this page refer to Sections 107; 619.2.a; and 1105.a.3 of Pennsylvania Act 247 of 1968 as reenacted and amended through January 2017.