Public Meetings Online

During the COVID-19 state of emergency, Council and Committee meeting will be held online only.
There will be no public gathering for these meetings

There is a Luzerne County Council Voting Session and Work Session scheduled for Tuesday, August 11th, 2020. The Voting Session will start at 6:01PM. The Work Session will immediately follow the Voting Session.

There are a multiple ways to attend Council Meetings:

  • Service Electric Cable Channel 9
  • YouTube Live Stream –
    Login to Youtube with a Google (Gmail) account is required. You may setup a login at any time prior to the start of the meeting.
  • Microsoft Teams Event
    No login is necessary.  When prompted to install the application, you may simply click “Watch on the web instead.”  When prompted to sign in or sign up, select “Join anonymously” (If using your cellphone, for a better experience, download the Microsoft Teams App from the Apple or Play Store, then open the link in the App and login as “Guest”)

There are multiple ways to provide Public Comment at a Council meeting.  When you connect or call in we ask that you announce to the moderator your name & municipality and the comment period during which you are interested in speaking.  Public comments at the start of each session are limited to the item(s) on the agenda, which is available at Public comments at the end of each session may be on any related Council matter.  Comments are limited to 3 minutes per speaker.

  • Q&A Section of the Teams Live EventTeams Q & A Button Image
    You may type your comments at any time; they will be released to the live meeting at the appropriate time. Please provide your NAME and MUNICIPALITY and which session and comment period they are intended for. Anonymous comments will not be forwarded.
  • Call in by telephone – 570-340-0615 Conference ID: 213 579 586# On your smartphone: 5703400615,,213579586#
    We ask that you only speak when it is "your turn at the podium." We also ask that you minimize any background noise so as to be clearly heard and not disturb or interrupt the other public speakers. If your phone has a mute feature, as a courtesy to others, please use it when not speaking. If you are also watching online or on television, please lower the volume of your speakers so as not to create feedback/echoes.  (Note that the meeting ID will be different for each meeting.)
  • Email prior to meeting
    Please include your name and municipality in your e-mail and indicate which session and comment period you intend your comments for. It is requested that comments be submitted as early as possible.  Allow for up to an hour for delivery delays as all inbound e-mail passes through spam and virus filters.  Comments submitted by email will be read into the record at the live meeting.

Note: Comments typed into the "chat" feature of YouTube are not part of the meeting, will not be seen by Council and will not be made part of of the record.

Committee Meetings will only be broadcast on Microsoft Teams Live Event.  See below for the links to individual meetings.  The instructions and notes above for Council meetings also apply to Committee meetings.  The Public may participate during the comments period by telephone at the numbers and conference IDs shown below.  Public comments may may also be typed into the Q&A Section or sent by email to Please indicate which Committee meeting your comments are intended for.

Standing Luzerne County Council Committees

Authorities, Boards and Commissions Committee - 

Budget, Finance and Audit Committee 

Legislative Committee

Real Estate Committee - August 13th 2020 @ 2:00 PM

Strategic Initiative Committees

Ad Hoc Luzerne County Council Committees

Act 13 Grant Committee

Code Review Committee - The Code Review Committee Meeting has been cancelled. Reschedule TBA. 

Council Related Committees

Blighted Property Review Committee

County Cares Commission

Plains TIF Committee

Riverfront Park Committee

For information on Authorities, Boards, and Commissions meetings, please see the ABC Meetings Online page.