Welcome to the Luzerne County Voter Registration Initiative
and Student Engagement Project!

Luzerne County and the Bureau of Elections are launching a Voter Registration Initiative by promoting student engagement, throughout our area High Schools. County officials want to ensure that voter registration application information is readily available to those interested and qualified students. Voter registration informational flyers are available for download here. The Bureau will also supply paper Voter Registration Applications to all area High School Offices interested in participating.

In addition, the Bureau of Elections is able to assist with student outreach, mock elections, and guidance for voter registration drives. Due to the time and manpower required to accommodate each program, we request you provide the Bureau with ample preparation time if you are interested in hosting one of the offered programs. Please notify the Bureau at least 30 days prior to the date in which you would like your program to take place, so we are able to plan accordingly.

Your main contact at the Bureau of Elections is:

Mary Beth Steininger, Deputy Director of Elections
Office phone #: 570-408-8250
Email: Marybeth.steininger@luzernecounty.org

The Bureau is also excited to provide information to our High Schools regarding the newly created Governor’s Civic Engagement Award in PA and the nonpartisan nonprofit organization Inspire U.S., that works with high school students to register their peers to vote, and keep them informed and engaged to vote in elections.

We encourage our area High Schools to promote Voter Registration opportunities to their students and thank you for joining us in this initiative!