Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service

Blended Case Management -These case management services provide a “bridging” of Intensive Case Management and Resource Coordination whereby consumers may move from one level of service to another level of service without compromising continuity of care.

Outpatient Mental Health Services - These are clinic based, treatment oriented services provided to individuals (children, adolescents or adults) or his/her families suffering from a diagnosed mental health disorder. These services are provided in accord to Department of Human Services’ Outpatient regulations. This includes services provided by Certified Registered Nurse Practitioners, therapists, and Physician Assistants for individual therapy periods of 20-30 minute, 45-50 minute, 75-80 minute sessions, med visit w/o med administration new and established patients, family psychotherapy, group psychotherapy, psychiatric evaluations.

Parent Child Interaction Therapy  - An evidence-based treatment that has demonstrated clinical improvements in the behavior of pre-school-aged children.

Suicide Prevention - Suicide is a public health issue; no one is immune to its effects. There are steps everyone can take to reduce suicide risk among your family, friends, co-workers and even strangers in your community. Information is available to help individuals understand why suicide prevention is important for everyone. Everyone can learn how to identify the warning signs for those who may be at risk for death by suicide. Through prevention and awareness efforts, individuals develop their own safety plans. Luzerne-Wyoming Counties Mental Health and Development Services, in cooperation with community providers, hold a Suicide Prevention Committee meetings monthly, a calendar is available. The Suicide Prevention Committee’s goal is to provide suicide prevention support, awareness, and education resources to Luzerne-Wyoming Counties residents.  If you or someone you know is experiencing suicidal thoughts, please call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255 (talk) or Dial 211 or Text your zip code to TXT 211. 

Family Based Services (intensive)

*Provides intensive in-home support and therapy to families who are for children with    emotional and behavioral concerns. Services provided up to 3x/week.

*Program intent is to prevent hospitalization, residential treatment, or foster care placement. Crisis response is available 24/7.

Intensive Behavioral Health Services ( IBHS)

*Goal is to reduce/replace problem behaviors with positive, socially appropriate behaviors.

      *IBHS can be ordered by a family doctor, physician assistant, psychiatrist, psychologist or another licensed individual. An evaluation  
        is then completed and a treatment plan is developed with goals to target specific behaviors.

HOPE Program (ages 15-25)

*Intensive program for children with first time psychosis (last 24 month)

*Case Management, med management, mobile therapy, 24/7 crisis, Family education/support, coordination with D & A (if applicable),  certified peer specialist, supported employment/education (if applicable).

*School based & MH teams to provide services to elementary & middle school kids in the Hazleton Areas SD (education. Intake, individual/ family therapy, group therapy, educational support, crisis intervention)

Joint Planning Team (JPT)

*family-centered wrap-around services that are individualized to address complex emotional issues(family voice/choice, team based, collaboration, community based, culturally competent, individualized, strength based, persistence, & outcome based)

Community and School-Based Behavioral Health (CSBBH)

*Collection of services for youth with emotional and/or behavioral problems that interfere with learning.

*Includes a team of professionals; Mental Health Professional (MHP), Behavioral Health worker (BHW), and a licensed Psychologist or Psychiatrist.

*Service are provided wherever they are needed; in the school, home, or community.

*Service can include individual, group, or family therapy, as well as behavior management planning, crisis intervention, and referrals.

*Family can contact CSBBH directly and request an Interagency Service Planning Team (ISPT) meeting to be scheduled. A Psychiatrist attends the meeting to assess that services are needed. Once this has been determined, a treatment plan is developed for the child/adolescent. Frequency of services is prescribed by a psychiatrist.

Partial Hospitalization(Day Treatment)

*Provides intensive treatment up to 5 days/week by a trained mental health staff under the clinical direction of a psychiatrist (preschool-HS education)

Drug and Alcohol Services  (D & A)

*Specialized outpatient counseling program for young people who are using/abusing alcohol and/or drugs.

*Caseworker provides connections to ongoing community resources, such as Alcoholics Anonymous, Al-Anon, and Narcotics Anonymous.

Please click here for the Community Suicide Prevention Committee Meeting Calendar.

For more information, please contact:

Ranee Smith, Children and Adolescent Clinic-Based Manager