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The seventy-six local municipalities in Luzerne County provide an impressive number and variety of parks and recreation areas. These fine community parks, of every size and description and of every quality – from good to exceptional – are often within easy walking distance or a short bicycle ride for the municipality’s residents. The dozens of municipal/community parks that are located throughout the county provide convenient places for our children to play and connect with their friends and companions. They offer places for us to walk and run; to shoot baskets; to hit golf balls; to catch fish; to listen to birds sing; to do nothing more than watch grass and flowers grow; to sit on a bench and read the paper; to take a nap on a perfect spring afternoon; to picnic with our families; to marvel at the brilliant colors of an autumn afternoon; to enjoy a day at the pool, or to spend a summer evening intensely watching fireflies; to listen to music under the stars; and to hold hands with someone we love. Wilkes-Barre Riverfront Parks The City of Wilkes-Barre owns and maintains 91 acres of open space and floodplain forest along the Susquehanna River in Wilkes-Barre, Kingston and Edwardsville. Initially set aside in 1773, these magnificent riverside parks provide exceptional access to the river and to the natural areas in the flood plain. The original Kirby Park (designed in 1921 by the Olmsted Brothers architecture firm) on the west bank of the river was bisected into two pieces by the 1936 levee project, creating, on one side, an urban park for softball, picnics, sledding and Fourth of July concerts, and on the river side, the Kirby Park Natural Area. This park contains 65 acres of riparian forest, with five marked trails that travel throughout the natural area, exposing visitors to a wealth of animal, bird and plant life. Nesbitt Park, north of the Market Street Bridge, also offers access to the river. The natural area between the levee and the river offers mountain bikers up to eight miles of secluded trails.

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