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Lodging image Because of Luzerne County’s location at the crossroads of two key Interstate highways, and especially because of our location along I-81 – the primary transportation artery from New York to Tennessee – our community’s are blessed with an abundance of quality, moderately priced hotels and motels. For many travelers on I-81, Luzerne County is the perfect place to stop for the night – to shop, dine, and sleep; to begin the next day fully rested and relaxed. Luzerne County’s hotels include every major chain, and numerous outstanding local hotels. Two of the county’s chain hotels, both located in Hazleton near exit 145 on Route 93, were recognized as the best of the best in their chain – The Fairfield, by the Marriott organization, and the Hampton Inn, by the Conrad Hilton organization. If your trip to Luzerne County is intended to be more than a ten-hour stay for a good night’s sleep, we think you’ll be pleased with the special accommodations that are available in our scenic part of Northeastern Pennsylvania. We offer ski resorts, golf resorts, extra special romantic "hideaways," bed and breakfasts, and country inns. If you are relocating to the valley and need a place to stay for a week or three months, the lodging specialists in our community will find the perfect place for you. If your travels bring you to our community on business, our many fine hotels and motels will certainly be able to cater to your specific needs.

For additional information, check out the Luzerne County Convention Bureau’s website at www.tournepa.com.

If you’d like your Luzerne County hotel/motel added to this list,contact the Luzerne County Public Information Officer.

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