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Swoyersville Borough was originally part of Kingston Township, one of the eleven original townships chartered by the Susquehannah Company in 1790. Although the area was pre-dominantly an agricultural community, that all changed with the discovery of anthracite coal in 1825.

Starting in 1882, many local municipalities seceded from Kingston Township and set up their own municipal governments. Swoyersville first sought to incorporate in 1897. The petition for incorporation was presented to the Judges of the Quarter Session on December 7, 1897. However, becauseof court action, the incor-poration was delayed. In 1899, the Superior Court of Pennsylvania sustained the incorporation and Swoyersville Borough was able to be an independent form of municipal government.

The town was named for John Henry Sawyer, a coal mine operator. Mr. Swoyer had developed a reputation for being very fair to his employees and gained the respect of the miners. At first the town was comprised of two villages, Maltby and Brodericks, but due to the development of the mining industry many other small "patches", mainly company homes owned by the coal companies, sprang up and added to the towns’ population.

Currently, Swoyersville Borough is a bedroom community with a few businesses scattered throughout. The Borough has long been shadowed by the coal mine influence but slowly the town is being released from that influence by mine reclamation projects and turning mine scarred land into land suitable for housing.


Address Swoyersville Borough
675 Main Street, Swoyersville, PA 18704
Phone 570-288-6581
Fax 570-288-7553
Website www.swoyersville.org
E-mail swoyboro@comcast.net
Population 5,157
Square Miles 2.5
Name of Mayor Vincent Dennis
Congressional District 119th
Legislative District 20th
Type of Government Borough Council
School District Wyoming Valley West
Phone: 570-288-6551
Public Library Hoyt Library
Phone: 570-287-2013
Range of Housing Costs $50,000 to $175,000
Property Tax Rate 22 mills


Cable Adelphia Cable
Phone: 800-892-7300
Gas PG Energy
Phone: 570-829-3461
Electric UGI Electric
Phone: 570-819-4844
Water Pennsylvania-American Water Company
Phone: 800-565-7292
Waste Removal Swoyersville Borough DPW / Private Haulers
Last Updated: 03/19/08 11:49:13
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