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Established in 1871, Jeddo Borough was once a thriving coal town and home to Jeddo-Highland Coal Company, which had its main offices, carpenter shop, machine shop, and maintenance garage for its vehicles, all in support of the mines. It also had a company store, restaurant, gas station, shoe repair shop, barber shop, schoolhouse, and its own post office. In the 1950s half of the town was torn down so they could strip mine for the valuable black gold under those homes, and as the coal industry died down, so did all of the above support associated with it.

Today with a population of 144, Jeddo Borough is a quiet residential patch town, the smallest borough in the county. It has a recreation building, which doubles as a meeting place for the Borough Council. It also has a park where the children can play basketball or baseball.


Address Jeddo Borough
R.R. 1, Box 1269, Freeland, PA 18224
Phone 570-636-5385
Fax 570-636-5385
E-mail N/A
Population 144
Square Miles 1.25 approximately
Name of Mayor Clyde N. Warner
Congressional District 11th
Legislative District 116th
Type of Government Mayor and Council
School District Hazleton Area
Phone: 570-459-3111
Public Library Hazleton Public Library
Phone: 570-454-2961
Range of Housing Costs $30,000 to $40,000
Property Tax Rate 17.82 mills


Cable Service Electric Cable Vision
Phone: 570-454-3841
Electric PPL Utilities, Inc.
Phone: 800-342-5775
Water Hazleton City Authority
Phone: 570-454-2401
Waste Removal Hontz Sanitation
Phone: 570-868-5101
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