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Hazle Township is located in southern Luzerne County. The south line of Hazle Township abuts both Schuylkill and Carbon counties where it acts as the Luzerne County line. It was incorporated as a Township in 1839.

The face of the Township was one of rugged hills, dark swamps and deep, dark forests of mostly large yellow pine, which was called bull pine. All of this vast forest was cut for manufactured lumber to build houses, businesses and mining buildings. Much of it was also used for mine props that shored up the walls and roofs on the deep mines. Only a small remnant of this forest remains. Very little of the Township was suitable for agriculture.

Coal was “king” and was responsible for the settling and development of this area. Mining coal was the prime industry with railroading being second for most residents. At its zenith, just short of 15,000 residents made Hazle Township their home. Mining peaked in the mid 1930s and is now only a small part of the area's economy.

With the advent of the Valmont and Humboldt Industrial Parks, a variety of industries have moved into the area. They find a readily available, highly skilled and dedicated workforce. Because of these advances, Hazle Township has entered the new millennium with an eye toward growth. This diversification of industries is making for a better future for all the residents in the Township and surrounding area.


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