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real estate image depicting various types of real estateFrom the perspective of a current resident looking for a new home, or a new resident seeking a place to call home, housing options throughout Luzerne County are almost overwhelming. Practically, because of the options that are available, home buyers need to first identify the environment in which they want to live – country, city, valley, near a river or stream, in the mountains, or on a golf course – and then start to explore the streets, highways, and back roads to begin to get a clear sense of the numerous and exciting options available throughout beautiful Luzerne County.

New and Exciting Housing Options
During the past decade, housing options in Luzerne County have expanded rapidly. Significant new construction has occurred throughout the county.  New construction has included planned residential developments, senior communities, groups of homes on one to three acre lots, and estate homes on properties as large as ten or twenty acres. Apartments and town houses – in ranges that make it possible for any family to find a new home that meets their personal and financial needs – are available, and more continue to be built to meet an ever-increasing demand. Luzerne County’s cities, larger townships, and boroughs, once presumed to be fully developed and land-locked, have experienced construction of numerous new housing options: upscale apartment complexes, condominium developments, innovative town homes, and numerous single family homes on city lots.

As you look at our community, we think you will agree that Luzerne County is truly livable, that our neighborhoods are distinct and different from others just blocks away, and that you will find a home that meets your family’s needs, and one that you can truly call home.

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