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Interested in Becoming a Foster Parent? 

Foster care provides temporary care with foster parents for children who are unable to remain in their own homes and are placed in the custody of the county Children and Youth agency by the courts. Staff at Luzerne County Children and Youth strive to provide children with loving and nurturing caregivers while they are not able to remain at home. LCCYS maintains several caregivers that are able to assist in caring for these children if the children do not have family that can provide care for them. The caregivers must be able to cooperate and collaborate with not only the child, but also with Luzerne County Children and Youth, the court, the family of origin for the child, and a variety of other agencies and services that may be needed. LCCYS is always looking for interested caregivers that are willing to open up their homes for a child in need.


Foster Parents:

  • May be single or married

  • Must be 21 years of age

  • Must have an income that is stable and sufficient to meet the family’s needs

  • Must submit to criminal history, child abuse clearance checks, and FBI clearances

  • Must agree to use NO corporal punishments

  • May not be an active resource (foster) parent with any other agency


Foster Homes:

  • Must have adequate bathroom facilities, hot and cold running water, operable telephone, heating system, smoke detectors, and a portable fire extinguisher.

  • Must have suitable sleeping area for children and adequate space so that children of the opposite sex, who are more than five years old, do not have to share a bedroom

  • Cannot serve as a residence for more than six children (including foster children) who are under the age of 18.


Commonly asked questions when interested in becoming a foster parent/family:

Is there really a need for foster parents?

YES. The agency always tries to place foster children in their home school district and in foster homes which are best suited to meet their particular needs. Attempts are always made to place siblings together in the same foster home.


Can I choose the age of the child that I would like?

YES. Foster children range in age from infancy through adolescence. Foster families inform the agency of their desired age group and sex of the child.


What about adoption?

If the primary goal of reunification cannot be achieved, then a permanent placement is pursued. Foster parents are given the option to adopt foster children when/if the agency seeks an alternative plan.


What kind of support does a foster family receive?

The agency pays a daily rate for each foster child and pays for clothing, medical and dental needs. Foster families also can receive mileage reimbursement when transporting children for healthcare services. Every foster family is assigned a worker to help provide support, direction, and training.


I think I want to be a foster parent, how do I begin?

You can reach out by calling, 570-826-8718. This line is checked almost daily and calls are returned as soon as possible. Please don’t be discouraged that you have to leave a voicemail.


Are all children who are placed in foster care eventually reunited with their families?

While the primary goal of all children is usually reunification with their families, this does not always happen. If the goal of the child changes from reunification to adoption, then adoption would be offered to the foster family.

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