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Parole in Pennsylvania:

The Pennsylvania Board of Probation and Parole, as an integral part of the crimianl justice system in Pennsylvania, has the paroling jurisdiction and parole supervision responsibility of offenders sentenced to a maximum prison sentence of two years or more. Most offenders receive a minimum and maximum snetence and those under the paroling jurisdiction of the Board are required by las to serve the entire minimum sentence before being released on parole.

Since the enactment of Act 134 on October 9, 1986, the Board’s parole release decision-making process provides an opportunity for the victim to express "…his (her) opinion concerning the release of the defendant…" when sentenced to a term of imprisonment. The District Attorney is responsible to notify the victim in those cases "…or an immediate family member of the vistim, if the victim is a juvenile, or is incapable of testifying or has died as a result of the defendant’s conduct…"of the opportunity to provide input for the parole release process. The Board’s Victim Input Program (VIP) has been established for this purpose.

Victim Responsibilities:

Victims or family members wishing to participate in the Victim Input Program have two responsibilities:

1. to notify the Board of their intention to provide input by using the Board’s VIP Reply Card; and

2. to provide to the Board a mailing address (which will be kept confidential) and keep it current.


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