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The Luzerne County District Attorney’s Detective Division is supervised by Chief Michael J. Dessoye.  There are currently ten detectives, including Chief Dessoye, within the Detective Division who are assigned to investigate criminal activity which occurs throughout LuzerneCounty.  The average detective in the division has twenty-nine (29) years of law enforcement experience.  They act as a liaison between federal, state and local law enforcement and the Luzerne County District Attorney’s Office.  The Detectives also assist all local and state law enforcement jurisdictions in the investigation of murder, homicide by vehicle, suspicious deaths, shootings involving the police, and other serious crimes, while also assisting with other criminal activity when requested.

The Luzerne County Detectives are Act 120 certified and have received training from the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Pennsylvania State Police, and other nationally accredited law enforcement agencies.


The Luzerne County Detectives Division was one of the first County Detective Divisions to have a Child Abuse Unit and Domestic Violence Unit in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.  Additionally, in January of 2012 a Computer Crime Unit, Elder Abuse Unit and White Collar Crime Unit were implemented to investigate crimes committed against children, the elderly, as well as business located throughout LuzerneCounty.

Each Detective is on call seven days a week, twenty-four hours a day.

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  Pennsylvania State Police Most Wanted


If anyone has information concerning serious criminal activity occuring within Luzerne County, feel free to contact our Detective Division at (570) 825-1674.

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