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District Court 11-1-04 2012-2013

Probation Audit 2010-2012

Luzerne County Employee Health Care Administration Audit Final Report

LCCF Audit Report with Responses 2-12-2013

2011 Uniform Expense Accounts Final Report 

Cell Phone Analysis 2012

Audit of Tax Collection Office and Tax Assessment Office for 2011

Audit of Luzerne County Diversity Task Force / Diversity Commission

Performance Review - Sheriff's Office Gun Permit

Audit of Correctional Facility Commissary Fund

Audit of Luzerne County Transition Committee

Audit of Sheriff's Office PFA Weapons Division

District Court 11-1-01 Examination Report 2011

Special Legal Fees Audit

City Vest Audit

2009 Financial Statements Report

2009 Prison Commissary Fund Audit

County Coroners Audit

Prothonotary Passport Audit

County Controller Quarterly Report to Council

Luzerne County Convention and Visitor Bureau Audit

 Luzerne County District Attorney Federal Equitable Share Fund Audit

District Court 11-3-05 Magistrate Feissner Audit Report

Luzerne County Tax Collection 2013

Sheriff Real Estate Sales

2013 Examination Report Mag. Dotzel 

2013 Planning and Zoning Audit

2013 Examination Report Mag. O’Donnell 

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