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Michelle Bednar, Luzerne County Controller                                        

Penn Place Building                                                                
20 N. Pennsylvania Ave.
Suite 213
Wilkes-Barre, PA 18701                                   

Phone: (570) 825-1621

Department Email: 


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The Luzerne County Controller’s Office is authorized by the Home Rule Charter of Luzerne County Section 3.08 to conduct fiscal, performance, management, contract, grant, compliance, and related audits of any County division, bureau, office, agency, board, commission, elective office, The Judiciary, Office of Court Administration, or other administrative office. 

The position of Controller is an elected role, with the main focus of being the County’s watchdog.  Besides performing mandatory and routine audits, the Controller’s Office also conducts emergency and atypical audits, which might be motivated by a CESIL hotline tip or other observation.



A more efficient and less wasteful government through our review of various departments’ and agencies’ activities and procedures, in order to protect the County and its residents from fraud, misappropriations, and inefficiencies.






(Citizen and Employee Suggestion and Idea Line)

CESIL is a venue whereby any Luzerne County employee or citizen can offer ideas, suggestions, comments, concerns, reports of fraud, or feedback.

Hotline: (570) 830-5154 (voice mail)


Individuals should utilize this service to voice questions or concerns.  Every effort will be made to keep submissions confidential. 

Thank you in advance for helping to improve Luzerne County.

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