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NO. 2015-1  Ordinance to repeal Ordinance which approved the creation of the Luzerne County Recreational Facilitiy Advisory Board - CURRENTLY UNDER CONSIDERATION


NO. 2014-1   Amending Section 8.02 of the Luzerne County Administrative Code

NO. 2014-2   Amending the 2014 Budget

NO. 2014-4   Adopting the 2014 Long-Range Operational, Fiscal, and Capital Plan

NO. 2014-5   Prohibiting the Burning of Plastic and Rubber within Luzerne County

NO. 2014-6   Amending the 2014 Budget

NO. 2014-7   Enabling Northeast Revenue Services LLC to collect delinquent taxes pursuant to the Municipal Claim and Tax Lien Act as well as the Real Estate Tax Sale Law

NO. 2014-8   Amending the Accountability, Conduct, and Ethics Code

NO. 2014-10  Adopting the 2015 Fiscal Year Budgets for Luzerne County 


NO. 2013-1   Changing the filing deadline for Tax Assessment Appeals

NO. 2013-2   Authorizing the County Budget and Finance Office to assume the duties and responsibilities of billing and collecting county taxes as of January 1, 2014

NO. 2013-3   Delegating the Secretary of Transportation the authority to acquire the right-of-ways necessary for the multi-bridge project described and enumerated in Agreement No. 04M107

NO. 2013-4   Amending the Personnel Code

NO. 2013-5   Amending the 2013 Budget

NO. 2013-6   Adopting a County Parking Ordinance

NO. 2013-7   Adopting the 2013 Long-Range Operational, Fiscal, and Capital Plan

NO. 2013-8   Defining Full-Time Employment and amending the Personnel Code

NO. 2013-9   Adopting the 2014 Fiscal Year Budgets for Luzerne County


NO. 2012-1    Amending the 2012 General Fund Budget for Luzerne County

NO. 2012-2    Adopting a Personnel Code

NO. 2012-3    Ordinance Imposing an Unconventional Gas Well Impact Fee

NO. 2012-4    Adopting an Accountability, Conduct, and Ethics Code

NO. 2012-5    Adopting an Administrative Code

NO. 2012-6    Amending Section 1.04(Y) of Administrative Code

NO. 2012-7    Amending Section 9.02, Article 11 and Article 13 of the Zoning Ordinance

NO. 2012-8    Amending Section 7.11, Section 5.58, Section 7.138, Section 9 (9.29, 9.30, 9.31, 9.32, 9.33) and Section 14 of the Subdivision and Land Development Ordinance

NO. 2012-9    Establishing a Recreational Facilities Advisory Board

NO. 2012-10  Adopting the 2013 Fiscal Year Budgets for Luzerne County

NO. 2012-11  Increasing the salary of the Controller of Luzerne County

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