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(Front Row from left; Tim McGinley, Rick Williams, Kathy Dobash, Eileen Sorokas, Linda McClosky Houck, Harry Haas; Back Row from left: Stephen J. Urban, Edward Brominski (Vice-Chair), Rick Morelli (Chair), Jim Bobeck; not pictured: Stephen A. Urban)

Jim Bobeck                                            
Edward A. Brominski  (Vice-Chair)         
Kathy Dobash                                       
Harry Haas                                            
Linda McClosky Houck                       
Tim McGinley                                       
Rick Morelli    (Chair)                            
Eileen M. Sorokas                           
Stephen A. Urban                            
Stephen J. Urban                             
Rick Williams                                                       



Brittany M. Ward

Clerk of County Council        


Phone: (570) 825-1634 

Fax:      (570) 825-9343


200 North River Street

Wilkes-Barre PA 18711 


Group email address (each Council member receives the email)


Luzerne County Council Members    


 Mission Statement

The Mission of Luzerne County Government is to provide honest, effective, efficient, and equitable services to the residents of Luzerne County and to enhance the quality of life in the County through sustainable economic development and evironmental stewardship.


Luzerne County will be a safe and healthy community with a diverse, prosperous, and sustainable economy, offering excellent services while perserving the natural environment, local history, and culture.


    1. Practice sound fiscal management.
    2. Provide excellent service delivery.
    3. Encourage a spirit of teamwork in which County operations are conducted in an ethical and fair manner.
    4. Treat all with dignity, fairness, honesty, and respect.
    5. Conduct government deliberations in an open and transparent manner.
    6. Strengthen the diversity and improve the stability of the economic base.

 Ordinance 2014-10:Adopting the FY2015 Budget

    FY2015 BUDGET - PROPOSED by County Manager (10/15/2014)

Proposed line item budget

Proposed position budget 

  2012 County Audit

FY2014 BUDGET - Ordinance 2013-9 (adopted on 12/10/2013)

Proposed FY2014 Budget as of 12/2/2013

Position Budget Presentation (10/29/2013)

Debt Overview Presentation by PFM (10/29/2013)

2014 Long-Range Operational, Fiscal, and Capital Budget - Ordinance 2014-4 (Adopted 8/26/2014)

FY2013 REVENUES BUDGET (2012-12-14)

FY2013 BUDGET (Full Report)
 Fund Level Report
 Division Level Report
 Department Level Report
 Position Budgeting Report
 Capital Plan

Amendments Made to the FY2013 Budget 

County Council By-Laws 

County Goals Chart

The Luzerne County Council is accepting applications for all County Authorities, Boards, and Commissions on a rolling basis.  The following Authorities, Boards, and Commissions have members whose terms will expire during 2014, and all interested citizens of Luzerne County are invited to submit an application of interest.  Please note that seats on some of these bodies are subject to specific requirements or qualifications.

Advisory Council on the Aging

Agriculture Preservation Board

Children and Youth Advisory Board

Conservation District Board

Drug and Alcohol Executive Commission

Housing Authority Board

Luzerne County Convention Center Authority

Luzerne County Community College Board of Trustees

Luzerne­­-Wyoming Counties Mental Health and Developmental Services Program Advisory Board

Planning Commission

Redevelopment Authority Board

Luzerne County Transportation Authority

Workforce Investment Board

Zoning Commission


Please visit for a complete list of Luzerne County Authorities, Boards, and Commissions and to download an application, or contact the Clerk of Council, at 825-1634.  Applications for the above vacancies should be submitted to the Clerk of Council in order to be considered for appointment.  All who submit applications will be contacted for an interview.  Interviews of new applicants will be scheduled in the upcoming weeks.

  * Council meetings will be broadcasted live on Service Electric Cable TV, Channel 19, and streamed live on:

Council Meeting Dates for 2014 

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