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Repository Tax Sale Properties:

This is the current list of properties available through the Luzerne County Repository Tax Sale. All properties have been through at least one Upset Price Sale and one Judicial Sale. Anyone interested in purchasing one of these properties must first submit a bid in writing, presented in person, to the Luzerne County Tax Claim Bureau at 200 North River Street, Wilkes-Barre, PA 18711. The bid will then be forwarded for approval to the appropriate taxing authorities.
All prospective bidders are reminded that it is the bidder’s responsibility to conduct their own search of the property to identify any liens that were not cleared by the Judicial Sale and to verify the property.
Please be advised that a Certification Form must be completed, notarized, and submitted with your bid. Please click the below link "Certification Form" for the correct form.
This list will be updated monthly.

Please click on the links provided to see more information.


Below is a listing of the Repository Property Type Codes that pertain to the Repository Tax Sale Properties.


Property Type Codes



R Buildings...residential-includes duplexes and an apartment over a garage
RA Residential single-family dwelling converted into 2-3-4 independent units
RC Residential with some commercial function
RO Residential- out buildings only
RS Seasonal..occupied less than 50 of the year
RT Mobile Home with Land (one owner)
T Mobile Home- no land (leasehold)
L1 Vacant Lot..........less than one acre
L2 Vacant acre or more, but less than five acres
L3 Vacant Lot..........five acres or more, but less than ten acres
V Vacant Land.........10 acres or more
A Agricultural with buildings.....10 acres or more (usually residential)
AA Agricultural converted to apartments....10 acres or more
AC Agricultural residential with some commercial function...10 acres or more
AO Agricultural- out buildings only......10 acres or more
AS Seasonal use (occupied less than 50% of year)...10 acres or more
AT Agricultural with mobile home......10 acres or more
AX Agricultural- Exempt..........10 acres or more
LX Vacant Lot- Exempt...........less than 10 acres
RX Residential- Exempt.........less than 10 acres
TX Mobile Home- Exempt (leasehold).........less than 10 acres
VX Vacant Land- Exempt..........10 acres or more



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