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Would you like to know more about what to recycle? Ever wonder how it's recycled or what it is made into once it is recycled? 

Recycling Education Classes for Pre-K thru College is available through the SWMD.  Please call 1-800-821-7654 for more information on how to schedule a day and time for a FREE Recycling Education session!!



Earth Day Activity

The Great American Can Roundup 

The Great American Can Roundup (GACR) is an easy and fun way to raise money and help the environment. Your school, boy and girl scout unit or US Service Academy units, squadrons or companies can earn money by recycling aluminum beverage cans. The proceeds received from recycling can be used to purchase much needed supplies for your school or unit or can be donated to charity. Additionally, by recycling beverage cans you reduce litter and solid waste in your community, save energy and conserve natural resources. Furthermore, by registering for the GACR, your group will be eligible to win cash prizes in its respective contest.







The company will sponsor the newest TerraCycle Brigade, which allows schools to collect Ziploc bags and containers and then send them back to the company. For each bag or container collected, Ziploc and TerraCycle will pay two cents to the school actually doing the collection.

"We are really pleased to be adding new materials to our collection programs," said TerraCycle CEO Tom Szaky. "It´s exciting to be able to find new uses for more and more materials that would otherwise be ending up in landfills and giving schools a much needed fundraising opportunity at the same time."

Other "brigades" collect drink pouches, chip bags, yogurt cups, glue bottles and sticks, tape dispensers and pens.

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Contact Waste & Recycling News reporter Amanda Smith-Teutsch at 330-865-6166 or


Research shows that today’s children would benefit greatly from spending more time outdoors and making deeper connections to the natural world.  Getting children outside, however, is just the first step.  Children learn a great deal exploring their natural surroundings but deeper learning involves interpreting what they see, touch and smell, as well as synthesizing this information to construct meaning.  


The Dimensions Educational Research Foundation in collaboration with the National Arbor Day Foundation has developed a series of Nature Explore workshops for educators and designers to help them design and use outdoor classrooms that use natural materials such as trees, logs, soils and water.  for more information.

Looking for some new fundraising ideas that would work great with Earth Day!

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