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King's College WINS 2nd Annual Intercollegiate Paper Recycling Competition 

For the second annual intercollegiate recycling competition, office paper was collected on each campus in barrels placed at several locations around the King’s College and Wilkes University campuses, and progress was measured weekly to determine which campus could recycle more paper, and to raise awareness of recycling benefits and challenges. The winning school was presented with a trophy (made from recycled materials by local artist Sue Guzik) following the King’s College Earth Day celebration on Thursday 24 April


Would you like to know more about what to recycle? Ever wonder how it's recycled or what it is made into once it is recycled? 

Recycling Education Classes for Pre-K thru College is available through the SWMD.  Please call 1-800-821-7654 for more information on how to schedule a day and time for a FREE Recycling Education session!!


Kings Colleg VS. Wilkes University

"Reuse, Recycle, Win" is a friendly competition between King's College and Wilkes University to bring attention to recycling practices on each campus. The idea for the competition arose at PennFuture when I was introduced to Dr. Tory, a Professor at Wilkes, and one of her students, Steven Adames. We met to talk about improving recycling in public areas of downtown Wilkes-barre, and then Steven and I started talking about recycling at each of our schools. He and I then decided to get King's Environmental Club together with Wilkes Sustainability Club. Both students from King's and Wilkes thought that the recycling programs on each of our campus's could be improved, and the idea of a recycling competition came up. We thought by making it competitive it would appeal to the whole student body and get the attention of the administration. Our groups have met several times, and with the help of Luzeren County Recycling Coordinator, Beth DeNardi, Berit Case of the DEP, Scranton Cooperage, and the facilities crews on both campus's, the competition was established. Each school will be collecting white office paper throughout the month of April,  ending on the last day of King's environmental awareness week, during the last week of Apirl. The school that collects the most paper will be proclaimed winner. There will be a trophy for the winner, and any money that is collected from the paper recycling will be given to the winning school to donate to a charity of their choice, and a tree will be planted in the winning schools name.



Pittston Area High School Kicks Off “Project Green”

by Kevin Dolman

Mrs. Tara Craig of the Pittston Area Senior High School has been inspired to help her school go green. In cooperation with Ms. Beth DeNardi, the Luzerne County Recycling Coordinator, and Ann Keating of Northeast Recycling Solutions, the Pittston Area Senior High School has begun a project to start recycling. The project, properly named “Project Green”, is set to kick off next week.

Mrs. Craig first approached Pittston Area Superintendent, Dr. Michael Garzella in the beginning of the school year about starting a recycling project in the school.  Together they agreed that there was a need to reduce waste and help preserve the environment for future generations.

The biggest challenge in starting to recycle was to do it at no cost to the district; Not only will the recycling program not cost the district anything, it will save money in the future by cutting down the amount of garbage generated in the high school.

Recycling containers will be placed in the cafeteria, gymnasium, classrooms, and offices, throughout the high school.  Many different types of materials will be able to be recycled, including plastic bottles, aluminum cans, glass bottles, newspapers, paper lunch bags and even milk cartons.

If “Project Green” is a success in the High School as anticipated, then they hope to expand the program to all the schools in the Pittston Area School District. The administration has high hopes that this project will help encourage their students to recycle at home.

Earth Day Activity

If you’re looking for a fresh twist to your annual Earth Day event, you will love our new Pencils From Newspapers fundraising program!

  Simply collect, box, and ship (free of charge) your newspapers to our facility, and we will return them to you in the form of recycled newsprint pencils. This fundraiser is a snap to organize and requires minimal effort, yet the returns can be significant.  You pay a nominal fee for the number of pencils you order, and then you sell them during your Earth Day event to benefit your school, club, or organization.  It’s a great way to recycle, build community pride, AND earn quick cash!

Contact us today for more details.

Peggy Lea

Target Marketing Group

PO Box 45489

Westlake, Oh 44145



  It’s time for schools to register to win at for the 3rd annual Great American Can Roundup School Challenge from America Recycles Day (Nov. 15) to Earth Day (April 22), 2013.  Registration is required.  At, you will find virtually everything to run a successful Roundup from a tool kit to posters even curriculum.   The Can Manufacturers Institute is awarding $1,000 to the school in each state and the District of Columbia recycling the most aluminum cans per student and an additional $5,000 to the champion per capita recycling school nationwide that is on top of value of the aluminum cans.  New Hampshire is known as an environmental leader, yet not one school sent in a recycling receipt in the 2nd Annual School Challenge.  Show your school’s green spirit and environmental leadership. 

     The Can Manufacturers Institute, the national trade association of can manufacturers and their suppliers, is giving away a $1,000 per state to the top per capita school and an additional $5,000 to the top recycling school for a total of $56,000.  Your school could win up to $6,000, plus the value of the cans and the chance to win $50 pizza cards.  Put your school in contention by going to and register by December 15 to be eligible for the School Recycling Challenge.  There you will find everything needed to build recycling enthusiasm and rally the community for the win.

   At you will be able to compare your schools' recycling progress.  Environmental educators will also appreciate grade appropriate, free interdisciplinary curricula and worksheets for the classroom to continue the discussion of the positive impact on the environment through aluminum can recycling.

    We look forward to seeing your schools on the Great American Can Roundup School Challenge leader board.  Please contact Jenny Day at 202/232-4677, or by email  with any questions or ways we can help.





The company will sponsor the newest TerraCycle Brigade, which allows schools to collect Ziploc bags and containers and then send them back to the company. For each bag or container collected, Ziploc and TerraCycle will pay two cents to the school actually doing the collection.

"We are really pleased to be adding new materials to our collection programs," said TerraCycle CEO Tom Szaky. "It´s exciting to be able to find new uses for more and more materials that would otherwise be ending up in landfills and giving schools a much needed fundraising opportunity at the same time."

Other "brigades" collect drink pouches, chip bags, yogurt cups, glue bottles and sticks, tape dispensers and pens.

For more information, visit

Contact Waste & Recycling News reporter Amanda Smith-Teutsch at 330-865-6166 or

Research shows that today’s children would benefit greatly from spending more time outdoors and making deeper connections to the natural world.  Getting children outside, however, is just the first step.  Children learn a great deal exploring their natural surroundings but deeper learning involves interpreting what they see, touch and smell, as well as synthesizing this information to construct meaning.  


The Dimensions Educational Research Foundation in collaboration with the National Arbor Day Foundation has developed a series of Nature Explore workshops for educators and designers to help them design and use outdoor classrooms that use natural materials such as trees, logs, soils and water.  for more information.


From PROP’s Education Committee:

Teachers, do your students have bottle caps and Capri Sun Drink Pouches?

 Bottle Caps

“Your school can be part of the solution by joining recycle Caps with Aveda.”
Join Aveda's caps recycling initiative that helps extend the current boundaries of recycling and elicits participation from all corners of our community. With the help of our network of salons and stores, in partnership with community schools, we have created a recycling program for plastic bottle caps. Caps are collected at enrolled schools and then sent by Aveda to our recycler where the material is recycled into new caps and containers. Aveda has been able to work closely with our suppliers to develop ways to make new caps from the recycled caps and we plan to incorporate these caps into future Aveda products.”

Capri Sun drink pouches

Earn Cash for your School or Organization – Start a drink pouch brigade and your school or organization gets cash for helping us upcycle drink pouches into cool fashion bags, totes, pencil cases and more. Plus, your kids get a fun lesson in eco-friendly action! Our partners at TerraCycle will help you start a drink pouch brigade at your home, school or organization.

Looking for some new fundraising ideas that would work great with Earth Day!

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