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In addition to the fine trail systems that the county maintains in its two parks, there has been an extensive investment by the county, the federal government, and local municipalities in the creation of hiking trails.

Levee Trail
Thanks to the expansion of the levee system along both sides of the Susquehanna River – from the point above Pittston where the Lackawanna River joins the Susquehanna River to a gap in the mountains south of Nanticoke – Luzerne County, along with the Army Corps of Engineers, has created an extensive new recreational resource. One of its key features is a fourteen mile long recreational trail – from Wyoming to Plymouth on the west side of the river, and from Wilkes-Barre to Hanover on the east side. Walkers, joggers, in-line skaters, and cyclists can all use the paved trails, which are 100% handicap accessible. Parking lots are strategically located along the length of the trail.

Back Mountain Trail
The Trail currently runs from Luzerne Borough to Carverton Road in Trucksville, Pennsylvania. In its final form, it will run fourteen miles from Luzerne to Harvey’s Lake, and it will be the only trail linking the floor of the Wyoming Valley with the Back Mountain.

The Mocanaqua Loop Trail
The trail contains four individual looping trails that together comprise about 9 miles of varying terrain along the northern reach of Penobscot Mountain. The four loops take users along a natural trail that traverses the mountainside, as well as the ridge top area, where there are several scenic overlooks.

Kirby Park Trails
Four miles of marked trails wander through the Kirby Park Natural Area between the levee and the Susquehanna River. Mountain bikers will find the natural area is interlaced with secluded trails.

Lehigh Gorge Trail
This 26-mile trail follows an abandoned rail line and is adjacent to the Lehigh River from north of White Haven to Jim Thorpe. The trail is relatively flat, with a smooth stone surface, and offers hikers and bikers an outstanding opportunity to see the river and Lehigh Gorge State Park close-up.

Luzerne County Rail Trail
This 13-mile rail trail along the east bank of the Susquehanna River between Wilkes-Barre and Old Forge offers residents a host of recreational opportunities and will eventually connect to a larger trail network in New York State.

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