Application Procedures for Scattered Site Demolition Program

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  1. The Municipality submits a demolition application to the County, along with required supportive documentation. 


  1. The County will review this information based upon program guidelines and funding availability.  The County will seek approval from the State Historic Preservation Office to proceed with demolition activities.  This process will take 30 days from the time of submission to the State.  Notice will be provided to the municipality if project receives preliminary approval. 


  1. Municipality will obtain and submit the Asbestos Inspection Report.  In the event findings in the Asbestos Inspection Report will impact on the initial cost estimate, a revised estimate should also be submitted at this time for consideration.  Note:  It is recommended that the Municipality wait until notice of preliminary approval is received before seeking an asbestos inspection to insure the property is eligible for demolition prior to incurring inspection costs.


  1. Upon receipt and review of all required documentation, formal approval will be issued by the County through provision of a Demolition Cooperation Agreement for an amount not to exceed the estimated demolition costs.  A demolition packet providing guidance in all bidding procedures will also be provided.


  1. The Municipality will return the executed co-op to the County, along with a copy of bid specifications for County review and approval. 


  1. Upon County approval of specs, Municipality will carry out bidding process.  Bids will be reviewed and Municipality selects a contractor, based upon County’s bidding requirements, and submits the advertisement, bid packet, bid tabulation sheet, and notice of selected contractor to County.


  1. For privately owned properties only, upon bid approval the County will prepare a note and mortgage in the amount of the County’s participation, which will be forwarded for execution by the property owner.  Executed documents will be returned to the County, along with a check for filing fees.


  1. Upon receipt of the executed documents, the County will schedule a pre-demolition conference, at which time the executed contract between the municipality and the contractor will be submitted, along with evidence of contractor insurance and dumping certificates.  Demolition may commence upon approval by the County.


  1. Upon completion of the project, the municipality must submit to the County the Asbestos Abatement and Demolition/Renovation Notification Form (if applicable); copy of the contractor’s bill; and the Certificate of Completion and Request for Payment, executed by Municipality.
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Scattered Site Demolition Program
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