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                                        Phone:          570.824.7214
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Business Development Programs:

The goal of the Business Development Loan Program is to attract new business to the area, as well as strengthen existing businesses, thereby creating new employment opportunities, generating additional tax revenues and stimulating the overall area economy. The Business Development Loan Program addresses these goals by providing low interest loans to eligible businesses.

The goal of the Industrial/Business Park Incentive Program is to create new quality employment opportunities, while promoting the sale of land in County industrial/business parks.  The program is designed to offer financial incentives to attract businesses creating quality employment opportunities to eligible Luzerne County industrial/business park sites owned by an Industrial Development Corporation (IDC).  To apply for this Program, please fill out the application below: 
The goal of the Luzerne County’s Employment Incentive Loan Program is to create improved employment opportunities while strengthening our labor market through job training opportunities. The program is designed to attract new business to the area, as well as strengthen existing businesses, that will lead to the creation of quality employment opportunities that will lead to higher earning opportunities and enable lesser skilled members of the work force to successfully benefit from these employment opportunities through job training. 




P: 570.824.7214
F: 570.829.2910

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