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Junior, Senior, Combination, Lifetime (renewals only), Non-Resident, Disabled Veteran and Replacement Hunting Licenses are available during office hours.  The following tables outline the type of licenses available and their costs.

General Hunting
Resident Adult$20.90
Resident Junior$6.90
Resident Junior Combination$9.90
Resident Senior$13.90
Resident Senior Lifetime (1)$51.90
Resident Senior Lifetime Combination (1)$101.90
Resident Landowner  (1)$4.90
Nonresident Junior$41.90
Nonresident Junior Combination$51.90
7-Day Nonresident Small Game$31.90
Resident Disabled Veteran  (2)No Charge

General Furtaker
Resident Adult$20.90
Resident Junior$ 6.90
Resident Senior$13.90
Resident Senior Lifetime (1) $51.90
Nonresident Junior$41.90
Resident Disabled Veteran (2)No Charge

Other Resident
Migratory Game Bird$3.90
Antlerless Deer (2)$6.90
Armed Forces (2)$6.90
Disabled Veteran (2)$6.90
Landowner Antlerless (2)$6.90
Elk (3)$25.90

Other Nonresident
Migratory Game Bird$6.90
Antlerless Deer  (2)$26.90
Landowner Antlerless (2) $26.90
Elk (3)$250.90

(1) Issued by only PGC Offices.

(2) Issued by only County Licensing. (Exception: Philadelphia County antlerless deer licenses are issued by the PGC Southeast Office. See Digest of Hunting and Trapping Regulations for details.)

(3) Elk licenses may be applied for only through the PGC Harrisburg Headquarters, only by mail order or on-line. There is a $10.00 nonrefundable application fee.

  • All combination license types include hunting, furtaker, archery and muzzleloader privileges.
  • All replacement licenses cost $6.90.

For more information, including requirements, please visit the PA Game Commission’s License Information page:

Please note: The PA Game Commission is now able to issue hunting licenses directly online. The Commission has a very comprehensive website. Visit the main page by clicking here.

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