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The Luzerne County Licensing Department is the exclusive agent for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania for the issuance of Bingo Licenses in Luzerne County.
Qualifications for Application:
Luzerne County non-profit organizations which have existed and conducted business in furtherance of their constitution, charter, articles of incorporation and by-laws for two years prior to application are eligible to apply for a bingo license.   First-time applicants must provide a copy of their by-laws or articles of incorporation.  Senior citizen groups can apply immediately upon being organized.
The following fees have been set by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania for Bingo Licensing:
  • $100.00 (Yearly): Qualified non-profits conducting games more than two times per week.
  • $15.00 (1 to 3 Day): Qualified non-profits conducting games for no more than three consecutive days per year.
  • $50.00: Qualified Senior Citizen groups conducting games for their members only
To view or print the Bingo Act, please click here.
To view or print a Bingo Application, please click here.
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