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Luzerne County Children and Youth Services is a public agency dedicated to the health, safety, and general welfare of children and families. We are mandated to assure that children are protected from harm or danger and committed to providing both intervention and prevention services, adhering to Best Practice in service delivery. Recognizing the importance of family, we promote their involvement in the development and implementation of plans that will promote their well being and self-reliance.


Child Safety

The Agency Believes: that the highest priority in all activities and services is to protect children from injury, harm, and depreviation.
Action: The Agency operates on the principle that child safety and well being is best provided in the context of the family. Protection in provided through the assurance of a safe, nurturing family environment that provides for the individualized needs of each child.

Well Being

The Agency Believes: that children should live in an environment that promotes well being.
Action: The Agency will partner with families and other community agencies to provide accessible services to assure that children 's basic physical and emotional needs may be met.

Family Preservation

The Agency Believes: that is best for children to grow up in their own family.
Action: The Agency will pursue efforts to assure children's safety and well being, while preserving and strengthening the family whenever possible.


The Agency Believes: that children deserve a permanent family in which they are safe and have their mental and physical development needs met.
Action: If the unity of the child's family cannot be maintained, the Agency will affirmatively seek a permanent family for the child.


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