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Michael Donahue, Division Head for Luzerne County Human Services
111 N. Pennsylvania Avenue
Wilkes-Barre, PA 18701
(570) 826-8800


Human Services Block Grant Proposed Budget and Service Recipients


Employment Opportunities within the Human Services Division

The Luzerne County Office of Human Services’ Personnel Department provides recruitment and other personnel services for four (4) County Civil Service Agencies: Luzerne County Children & Youth Services, Luzerne-Wyoming Counties Mental Health and Developmental Services Program, Luzerne-Wyoming Counties Drug & Alcohol Program and the Area Agency on Aging for Luzerne-Wyoming Counties.

Employment opportunities for County Civil Service Agencies require applicants to complete a State Civil Service Commission Application for Employment (SCSC-1) and successfully pass a Test Examination in the job title for which you apply.

If you wish to apply, go to the State Civil Service Commission web site at, visit your local Job Center, or contact the Personnel Department for Applications for Employment (SCSC-1) and Test Announcements at:

Luzerne County Office Of Human Services
111 N. Pennsylvania Boulevard
Wilkes-Barre, PA 18701
(570) 826-8801 Extension 2
Human Services Employment Opportunites

Test Announcement

Job Title

Job Code

CHILDREN & YOUTH (37 1/2 hr. work week)

2006-713County Caseworker 2L0624
1997-771Fiscal Technician (local govt)L0380
1995-574County Social Service Services Aide 1L0620
1993-438  (X)County Social WorkerL0630
1994-570Clerk TypistL0032
2006-820Clerk 2 (local govt)L0012

(X) also requires application supplement 1993-438-1


2006-713County Caseworker 2L0624
1993-438 (X)County Social WorkerL0630
1994-570Clerk Typist 2 (local govt)L0032
2006-820Clerk 2 (local govt)L0012

(X) also requires application supplement 1933-438-1

AREA AGENCY ON AGING (37 1/2 hr. work week)

1999-980Aging Care Manager 2L0635
619-95Aging Care Manager 3L0636
1994-570Clerk Typist 2 (local govt)L0032
1997-771Fiscal Technician (local govt)L0380
2006-820Clerk 2 (local govt)L0012
2006-062 (X)Senior Center Manager 1 (FT, PT, Alternate)L0811
non-civil service positionFood Service Worker 1N/A

(X) also requires application supplement 2000-062-1

DRUG & ALCOHOL (37 1/2 hr work week)

1994-596D&A Case Management Specialist TraineeL0685
1994-596D&A Case Management SpecialistL0686


non-civil service positionDriver (P.T.)N/A
non-civil service positionChild Care Aides (P.T.)N/A

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