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Luzerne County Geographic Information Systems (GIS) / Mapping Department 
The GIS/Mapping Department’s mission is to provide professional enterprise Geographic Information Services to both the general public and numerous internal customers.     
Our goals are:
  • To increase efficiencies and effectiveness of all spatial data usage.
  • Improve the business effectiveness of other County offices that utilize GIS.
  • Continue the enterprise-based and business-driven development of LuzerneCountyGIS efforts.
  • Continue to be a regional resource of GIS data and expertise.

Responsibilities of the GIS/Mapping Department include:

  • Review and process all recorded legal instruments related to property
  • Provide GIS & Mapping services to the both the public and County offices
  • GIS Enterprise Database Management
  • Ad-hoc GIS analyses
  • Oversee the quality control & quality assurance of all CountyGIS data layers
  • Provide public safety related services (EMA & E911)
  • Provide hardcopy & enhanced digital data products

*NEW* GIS/Mapping Department Online GIS Portal *NEW*

The launching of our free public viewer allows users to search by property owner and parcel identification numbers (PIN)

  • Tax Parcel outlines (Parcel Identification Number & Owner Name)
  • Aerial Photography
  • Water Features

*COMING SOON* GIS/Mapping Department Enhanced GIS Portal *COMING SOON*

  • Enhanced Online GIS Portal will be available by subscription (daily, monthly or annually)
  • Data available includes (but not limited to) the following:
  • Enhanced Tax Parcel Data (Owner, Deed Book/Page, Mailing Address, Taxable Status, Assessed Values, more…)
  • Latest Aerial photography
  • Streets & Addresses
  • Water features
  • Topography (contours)
  • Soil Data
  • FEMA Digital FIRM Configurations
  • County Zoning (Zoning for County managed municipalities only)
  • More…
*OTHER SERVICES* GIS/Mapping Department Services * OTHER SERVICES *
  • Hardcopy Maps and other GIS or Mapping requests
  • The Department offer other products & services by either dropping by our office (in the County Courthouse) or working with us via Phone, Mail or Email.
  • Our standard GIS Map is color 11” X 17” that shows your requested property with an Aerial Photograph background.
  • The cost is $5 each. In some cases, we can combine multiple Tax Parcels into a single map (depends on the property extent). You can send us in a check with your request and we can mail it to you ($6 if we physically mail it) or Email you a PDF version ($5). If you come to the office, you can get the map immediately for $5. Until the Online Enhanced GIS Portal is completed, we can optionally open up a running “Tab” if you do a number of transactions within the County.
  • Free Public GIS Terminals are available 9:00AM until 4:15PM Monday through Friday excluding any County Holidays
  • Public GIS Terminals display all basic and enhanced data.
  • Hardcopy maps are available for a fee based on our current fee schedule.
  • Mail-In requests accepted. Please use the address below to mail in a request. Please include your Tax Parcel Number (if known), Address or both.

Make any checks payable to: County of Luzerne

Contact Us:

GIS/Mapping Department

200 North River Street
Wilkes-Barre PA 18711
Phone Number: (570) 825-1550

Hours: M-F 9:00AM until 4:30PM


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