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Area Agency on Aging Advisory Council


                               ADVISORY BOARD MEMBER TERMS
Marianne InfantinoManagement, Ways & Means12/31/2020
Phyllis Mundy - ChairAdvocacy/Legislative, Executive, Management, Nominating, Ways & Means 12/31/2020
Robert NealonAdvocacy/Legislative 12/31/2020
Henry PennoniExecutive12/31/2020
William Runner, Jr.Executive, Management, Nominating12/31/2020
Dr. Steve BroskoskeExecutive, Ways & Means12/31/2019
Richard B. Daniels          (Wyoming County)Ways & Means12/31/2019
John Headley                                        (Wyoming County) Nominating12/31/2019
Beverly JohnstonWays & Means12/31/2019
Warren Keller                      (Wyoming County)                    Advocacy/Legislative12/31/2019
Owen LaveryAdvocacy/Legislative12/31/2019
Valerie McKay                      Wyoming County Ways & Means12/31/2019
Deborah WalshAdvocacy/Legislative12/31/2019
Joseph Yozviak - SecretaryExecutive,Nominating12/31/2019
Patricia Besermin 12/31/2018
Joanne CoreyNominating12/31/2018
Noah Davis - Vice ChairExecutive, Management,Ways & Means12/31/2018
Lori HermanManagement12/31/2018
Charlotte KitlerNominating12/31/2018
William LewisManagement, Nominating12/31/2018
Martin MeyerManagement12/31/2018
Patrice Shutt 12/31/2018
Dominick Trombetta 12/31/2018
Ron Williams                     (Wyoming County) 12/31/2018
Mario Fiorucci 12/31/2018
Angel Mathis 12/31/2020

The Advisory Council Mission is to create a community environment that promotes the ability of all older persons to function with independence and dignity throughout their lives. The mission is accomplished by planning and coordinating community efforts in order to promote a comprehensive system of services, providing services directly when necessary to assure quality and availability of care, and advocating and speaking out on all issues related to the well-being of older adults.”


By-Laws *Updated 4/18/14

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