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piece of anthracite


Not long ago, business and industry in Luzerne County looked a great deal different than it does today. For more than a century, Luzerne County’s economy and employment base was dependent on the mining of anthracite coal. Anthracite  “black diamonds” located throughout Northeastern Pennsylvania, and especially so right in the center of Luzerne County, was the fuel of choice in American homes, factories, and businesses for more than a century. Unlike bituminous and other lower grades of coal, anthracite burns hot and clean. Until the widespread introduction of fuel oil and natural gas after World War II, anthracite from Luzerne County was shipped by the hundreds of millions of tons to cities, towns, homes and factories throughout America.Anthracite mining was the basis of our economy. It created our exceptionally diverse cultural characteristics, and was the basis for the creation of our towns and villages. Anthracite related jobs brought immigrants to Luzerne County by the hundreds of thousands to work in our coal mines, and anthracite also brought great wealth to many of the county’s coal and railroad barons. Wilkes-Barre, Hazleton, Nanticoke, Pittston, Kingston, and all of the other communities that were part of that impressive coal era owe their very existence to the immigrants from Great Britain and all of Europe that came here to find work and to raise their families in America.Sources: CAN DO, The Greater Wilkes-Barre Chamber of Commerce

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